Barnet Sailing Cooperative




Vessel Registration # 13K66697
Hull#: 1472
Commissioned: 1974
LOA: 26'10"
LWL: 21'9"
Beam: 8'10"
Displacment:6550 lbs (1977.2 kg)
Ballast:2700 lbs lead fm keel
Sail area: 340 sq ft (Main and 100% jib)
Headroom: 6'1"
Water Tank: 15 Imperial Gallons
Holding Tank: 16 Imperial Gallons

Motor: Yamaha 9.9 # - Purchased 2015

Warranty - 2021

Paint Code - CLR12659-010 Endura

2009 Jinjersnap Survey

Another Catalina

In the spring of 1998 with the assistance of George Doutre, we acquired yet another Catalina, the Jinjersnap. With a rapidly growing membership (aided by some television exposure from the Boat Show) more vessels were needed to satisfy the needs of members who were enjoying a particularly long and warm sailing season. Linda Lesnie served as Boat captain for 2 years before becoming Fleet Captain in 2001. Len Wilson also served as her captain for 3 years.


Please note the correct spelling of the name above. This is how the boat was registered. There are no "g"s. It is one word, not as displayed on the boat.

Boat Captain - Lyall Cullum

Assistant Boat Captain - Graham Dalton