Barnet Sailing Cooperative




Vessel Registration # 1K1929
Hull#: 1476
Commissioned: 1974
LOA: 26'10"
LWL: 21'9"
Beam: 8'10"
Height: 38'
Displacment: 6550 lbs (1977.2 kg)
Draft: 4'6"
Ballast: 2700 lbs lead fm keel:
Sail area: 340 sq ft (Main and 100% jib)
Headroom: 6'1"
Cockpit: 8'
Berths: 4
Water Tank: 15 Imperial Gallons
Holding Tank: 16 Imperial Gallons

Motor: Yamaha 9.9 #6AVK1028506       Yr-05/14 - Purchased 2016 - Warranty 2022

2009 Marine Survey

Our Second Catalina

The second 27 foot Catalina purchased by the Coop was named Mookie. This occurred in the fall of 1995 and was made possible through a loan from one member, Ron Bryce. Ron has been a valuable member of the Coop since 1994 and made many contributions to the Coop over the years. The repayment scheme for the Mookie was an annual boat levy on all members of $100.00 until the loan was retired. This became the method to acquire future boats and continued on as a practice to continue to upgrade our fleet.

Mookie 2

Boat Captain - Sikee Liu

Assistance Boat Captain